During the great call test we compared, under supervision of a bailiff,
three tariff plans for intensive mobile calling:

- postpaid 5 from BASE at € 80 per month

- Smile Exclusive 110 from Proximus at € 110 per month

- My99 from Mobistar at € 99 per month.

What was this comparison based on?

We made a simulation where someone called 1 hour a day nationally, for 30 days. This makes a total of 30 hours of calling.
For each tariff plan we used a separate counter and computer, all under the supervision of a bailiff.

The test proved that BASE is at least € 100 cheaper than its competitors.
Cause with BASE you get unlimited calling and texting to all national fixed and mobile networks in Belgium
without ever passing the limit of € 80 per month.

*Offer subject to conditions for normal use.
All BASE tariffs are subject to the general conditions from the KPN Group Belgium and to special conditions.

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